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I just noticed it now in the bathroom mirror–one of my clavicles is higher than the other!
I was in an accident a month ago, a car hit me while I was crossing the street (so very annoying). I suffered a hip contusion and I’d hit my shoulder on the ground also, so there was some sort of sprain thing going on there.
My shoulder has been hurting of late, but the car accident pain seemed to have gone away, I was fine for a while, and then this strange pain started up. I did some shoulder stretches, they helped some. I didn’t notice the clavicle trouble, and only then did I put two and two together–perhaps the pain in my shoulder is from my accident. Of course, this may not be the cause (consider arthritis from a poor diet, or just an extension of the stress in my neck).
Anyway, this post is not in line with my others, I am basically just asking for help here, what should I do?



  1. I’m not a doctor, so my comments are just a guess. Since you did not have a significant amount of pain in the clavicle area for a while after the accident, it seems like you probably did not fracture your clavicle bone or damage its joints.

    A reason that one of your clavicles is higher than the other is perhaps a muscular tightness (maybe your upper trapezius muscles or levator scapulae muscles). One side of these upper back muscles might be slightly contracted even when the other is relaxed, causing one of your shoulder girdles to be slightly raised.

    My recommendations would be to see a doctor if you think a bone, joint, or ligament was injured in your shoulder region. If they find nothing fractured or strained, then maybe see a massage therapist that could put special attention to loosening up your upper back and neck muscles. Additionally, doing neck and back stretches on your own would be helpful for reducing the possible muscle imbalance.

    I hope you figure out what is causing the shoulder pain soon and are able fix it. 🙂

  2. Helena,
    Hi — my recommendations are similar to Mark’s. I’d focus on relaxing, maybe getting a massage or taking some hot baths. I think if the body is relaxed and well-nourished, it can heal itself from just about anything. The clavicle imbalance could also be from a twisting of your posture, like if you always stand on one leg so the hips aren’t aligned. The body sometimes holds onto these distorted patterns if it gets frightened, like in an accident, and never fully releases the fear. Pay attention to your posture, whether sitting or standing, and keep your spine straight when you’re lying down for better rest.

    Finally, rather than focus on “arthritis from my bad diet”, focus on eating as well as you can, & seeing your body as well-nourished, healthy and strong. Good luck!

  3. my right clavicle is raise, also. im only 16 and i havent done anything that im aware of to my shoulder. i noticed it this past friday night after a football game. i do not stunt or anything just simple cheers. my shoulders to pop though, and i have a small pain sometimes when i sleep or lay on it for long. what does this mean?

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